We provide goodness by doing good food

Born from cooperative roots and fully Canadian-owned, our journey to provide goodness through good food is a collective experience. Our consumers, our farmers, our customers, our own people and our communities – we’re all in this together.

We’re fearless about planting one foot in the future and bolstered by dreaming big. With a razor-sharp focus on innovation, we seek new approaches, and ways of seeing things. These elements combined have helped us to shape our industry and positively impact Canadians by delivering beloved brands that they know and trust.

It’s also what’s propelling us into the future, where together, we’re taking things to the next level.

Strong brands created by Canadians for Canadians. Loved by all.

Good nature. Good people. Good yogurt.

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Your daily dose of something real.

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Strong brand builders

We build and grow striking, strong brands, which are rooted in honesty and authenticity.

Providing distinctive and rewarding experiences, our iögo and Olympic brands drive category growth. Not surprisingly, they were the two fastest growing brands in the country last year and the first and second most preferred brands among millenials and baby boomers.

Agile innovators

We’re a category challenger, hungry to constantly disrupt the status quo. We uncover, and then nimbly cater to, consumer’s constantly evolving expectations.

With our focus on innovation, and speed to market, we firmly believe we can bring yogurt consumption to a new level, making it play a larger role in people’s lives and eating habits.

It’s this high level of agility that allows us to be a leading brand in terms of new product offerings year in and year out.

Future-Driven manufacturers

Future-driven manufacturers

We always keep one eye scanning the horizon, constantly seeking out superior, and more efficient, innovative ways of operating.

Year after year, we invest to ensure we are staying far ahead of the curve. That’s helped us to lead the way forward in Canada, especially when you consider that 30% of all yogurt sold here is produced by Ultima Foods.

Consumer’s expectations are always shifting. Today’s needs and desires will not be the same tomorrow. From baby boomers to millennials, we immerse ourselves in understanding where our customer’s mindset is at right now and where it will be down the road.

Our company strengths are inextricably linked to our values and ways of working. 

Our values lie at the heart of our culture. They come not from the top-down but from within us all; guiding our every decision and driving us forward. Ultimately, they define and empower us, individually and collectively.

Our Values

We deliver consistent QUALITY and excellence in our products, in all that we do and how we do it.

We believe in MUTUALITY and enriching partnerships: good for me, you and for all.

We work openly. We pursue TRANSPARENT and meaningful dialogue.

Our ways of working

We seek SIMPLE opportunities that truly make a difference.

We relentlessly look for what’s better, more nimble and EFFICIENT ways.

We learn from each other. We believe that COLLABORATION unlocks unexpected genius.