Inspired innovators to the core

Innovation is what enables us to play with what the future could be and to bend the narrative of what a yogurt company can do. For us, innovation is not only about developing new products, it’s a mindset. It’s what makes us story doers not tellers. It allows us to completely rewire what we’re capable of achieving.

We’re a 45 year-old company, but at heart we’re a startup. With entrepreneurial zeal, we continuously imagine, and then develop, meaningful and impactful products and brand experiences. That desire to seek new opportunities and to elevate ourselves in every way; it’s woven into our cultural DNA. And our customers and our clients recognize that.

We take risks. And that requires stepping fearlessly into the unknown, something we’re totally comfortable with. In fact, it’s exactly that kind of pioneering sprit that excites us, motivates us, and ultimately creates success. And because we’re not a big, faceless food company, we can go from idea to market at high velocity.

We invest in innovation across our entire value chain in R&D, marketing, procurement, production, and sales. Last year alone, $12.5 million went in to ensuring we’re consistently living on the razor’s edge of innovative practices and always at the intersection of opportunity and possibility.

We challenge the market by relentlessly developing and launching new products, formats and ways of consuming that capture the hearts and taste buds of consumers and that fit their lifestyles perfectly.  We’ve been the first to introduce yogurt in pouches, one liter Smoothies, etc.