We create the future of good food while forging our own future.

Want to be a part of a team empowered to create its future and dedicated to providing goodness to Canadians? With  great products, striking brands and committed stakeholders, we are in a perfect position to achieve our ambitions, and help you achieve yours.

Develop personally.

By addressing the unique challenges of a growing business, you’ll evolve personally and professionally as well. And we’re there to help you, literally, what we value the most of learning from each other.

From attending conferences, to the reimbursement of education and professional fees, and of course workplace training, there are endless opportunities to ensure you’ll flourish.

Build strong brands.

Participate in the success, and rush, of building iögo and Olympic. Building these powerful brands rooted in authenticity and that connect emotionally with consumers is a truly unique work experience in Canada.

Make a difference.

Here it’s a team effort. But you make the difference by bringing your own ideas, and new, creative approaches to the table. Senior management is nearby and accessible. Decisions are made here. You will contribute to making them.

We don’t believe in, or follow, programs or ways of thinking made elsewhere. Our brands are created here. Our organization is build here.


When you’re an industry leader shaping the Canadian market landscape, maintaining the status quo isn’t an option. Being resolutely forward-looking, together we are always determining our future by relentlessly innovating and sparking new ideas that will push us ahead.

Love your environment.

When your products are born from nature, it’s only natural that there’s a forest right outside your door. Our headquarters in Saint-Hubert co-exists with the natural surroundings to such an extent that we completely forget the proximity of services nearby.

Bright, open concept and with leading edge design and technology, this LEED Silver certified building is the perfect environment in which to work, and catch the occasional glimpse of birds or ground dogs outside. 

In Granby, our world-class facility, has an address that takes you close to the heart of city life, but is only a stone’s throw from the mountain life, with Bromont Mountain, Mount Shefford and Mount Yamaska nearby.

Be proud.

You’ll be part of, and help to grow, the only large yogurt company in the country that is 100% Canadian-owned. Our hopes and ambitions are grounded collectively in high performing teams and individually through ideas for sustainably growing our company.

In addition, we’re owned by two Canadian dairy cooperatives, and are the pride of their 5,745 members. And that’s pretty sweet, eh.

Eat yogurt!

Why? Because it tastes amazing, and it’s free weekly. Because we love what we do and what we offer to consumers. That makes us the best ambassadors.

Join our journey and add your own flavour to the story.

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