The new way to say yogurt

7 different product lines
Carefully developed to meet the needs and tastes of every Canadian.

Natural goodness
All IÖGO products are gelatine free with no artificial colours or flavours.

40 flavours to love

  • IÖGO The original

    IÖGO The original

    Our original line is all about choice. From classic berries to fresh ideas like lychee-raspberry, even treats like lemon pie duo. A creamy smooth texture and loads of fruit, everything to make it an everyday yogurt.

  • IÖGO 0%

    IÖGO 0%

    A new generation of more natural fat-free yogurts, gelatine free, no artificial colours or flavours with 35 calories per serving*. Exciting flavours to choose from like orange-mandarin, raspberry-chocolate, apple-cinnamon, pineapple-coconut-banana and that's just a taste.

    * Except for plain yogurt.

  • IÖGO Probio

    IÖGO Probio

    A probiotic* yogurt with original fruit combos like fig-date and pear-apricot, even some with a heart of fruit. A selection of lactose-free products too.

    * More than 1 billion probiotics per 100g (BB-12® Bifidobacterium lactis and LA-5® Lactobacillus acidophilus) that contribute to healthy digestive tract flora.

  • IÖGO Greko

    IÖGO Greko

    A thick Greek yogurt with a difference. We gave it a touch of honey* and mixed the fruit right in. High in protein. A choice of 0% and 2% milk fat.

    * Except for plain yogurt

  • IÖGO Nomad

    IÖGO Nomad

    A new line of drinkable yogurts made with natural ingredients, like real fruit. Comes in resealable twist cap ergonomic bottles.

  • IÖGO Zip

    IÖGO Zip

    A different kind of portable yogurt with a hundred of crazy comics to discover, even a Limited Edition with a fusion flavour…passion fruit plus orange equals peach.

  • IÖGO Nano

    IÖGO Nano

    Fresh cheese and drinkable yogurts with kid-friendly packs and new spill-proof caps.

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